Breathable Anti-Seepage Sand


The magic of the breathable water-retaining material:

1: can completely keep the water, keep the fertilizer will not be lost

2: in the water and fertilizer at the same time, with a breathable magic effect.

Breath is essential for the growth of plants, but if you want to achieve the effect of ventilation must have holes (which is the hole under the flower hole reasons), but if there is hole, then the water is difficult to maintain, this is actually a contradictory problem, Is a worldwide problem. But Ren Chong technology to solve this problem.

The use of breathable anti-seepage sand: can be used for desert greening, desert species of rice, agricultural cultivation, fish pond seepage, artificial lake seepage, roof waterproofing and other projects.

Breathable anti-seepage sand use principle model:

Breathable anti-seepage sand

The breathable and anti-seepage sand between the sand and plants, so you can keep the water will not leak into the sand, the water has been kept in the sand.

Breathable anti-seepage sand of the engineering case:

Case Study of Tongliao Desert in Inner Mongolia

Breathable anti-seepage sand

breathable anti-seepage sand cultivation

2009 Tongliao began to use breathable anti-seepage sand cultivation

2012 Tongliao has become an oasis

Experimental Study on Water Preservation of Yongding River in Beijing

breathable anti-seepage sand cultivation


Use geomembrane effect of the river

breathable anti-seepage sand cultivation

The effect of using breathable anti-seepage sand

Chongqing Wulong Ren Chuangquan

The use of breathable anti-seepage sand to build the reservoir, to solve the local drinking water 2000 people

The appearance of breathable anti-seepage material:

breathable anti-seepage sand cultivation



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