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Project Name: Anhui New Countryside Model Room Case

Project Time: 2012-07-20

Project cost: the price is reasonable price, the specific price, please contact the website customer service

Customer Evaluation: local farmers Pharaoh: new building materials really amazing, especially cool summer, do not have to open air conditioning!

Green Construction Materials, Green Desert Project | Rechsand


Project Name: A Case Study of Flexible Stone in Activity Center of Armed Police Force

Project Time: 2013-07-20

Project cost: reasonable price, please contact the website customer service

Customer Evaluation: Ren Chung external wall insulation board, so that our building really Dongnuanxialiang, for our troops to save a lot of energy!

Green Construction Materials, Green Desert Project - Rechsand


Armed Police Corps combat command center demonstration case

Customer evaluation: Ren Chong flexible stone hanging plate, fast installation, the overall low cost!

In the case of

Green Construction Materials, Green Desert Project - Rechsand

Principle analysis: the use of sand to create a “breathable waterproof” function “will breathe” decorative hanging plate, instead of clay brick, instead of stone, ceramic for decoration, integrated innovation, the formation of “insulation, fire, decoration” in one Enclosure

Case story:

Force leadership pioneers, the use of the latest high-tech materials, used in military equipment construction, good response. Has been used in the armed police equipment library external wall scraper decoration, access to the leadership of the highly praised.

Flexible stone composite insulation board from the silica sand soft stone and insulation board composite get. Silica sand soft stone is through the adhesive sand sand sand, curing molding, it has a flexible (do the membrane), light, weather, safety, green and so on. Will be combined with the insulation board paste that is decorative insulation integration of flexible stone composite insulation board. Decorative insulation integration of green products, leading a new generation of interior and exterior decorative insulation materials.

Outer decorative layer of silica sand soft stone to bear the deformation ability, with flexibility, light weight, only about a quarter of ceramic tiles to solve the problem of easy to fall out of the tiles can be widely used in commercial, civil building wall decoration And insulation, which has an irreplaceable advantage, is a renewable new Eco-building decoration material. With its composite to get flexible stone composite insulation board, the appearance of strong performance, durability, color and texture rich, less energy consumption, health and environmental protection, construction convenience, for the construction industry insulation design opened up new areas.


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