Green Building Materials

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Product Name: New Green Building Materials – Flexible Stone Floor

Features: Super non-slip, wear-resistant, fast construction

Advantages: color can be customized, cost-effective ultra-high

The benefits of using flexible stone flooring:

1: Because the flexible stone is very thin, the construction speed is very fast. To the ground can be a shop, or playing a layer of cement.

2: Easy to replace. Flexible stone with the texture of the carpet almost, with a few years later want to change the color, the replacement is very convenient, the original flexible stone floor can be peeled off.

3: Ren Chong flexible stone flooring, super non-slip, wear resistance is very strong.

4: Ren Chong flexible stone floor appearance can be diy custom, and the price is very high.


Green Building Materials

Green Building Materials

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  1. I am interested in your building materials that are waterproof, insulating, anti slip, and fireproof for building construction made from sand. Please EMail information or utbe in english.

    1. Hello, Tom Warnes
      Thanks to hear from you… Please proceed to make a call us at +1-949-682-9767 anytime.. and get all kind of material updates through our senior manager named Jason lu.

      Thanks & Best Regards

  2. Dear Jason, We own sand mines in Wisconsin and Texas and are interested in your waterproof sand mix as well as light weight insulating, breathable, panels. We would also like to evaluate the waterproof sand mix for use as a pigmented stucco finish coat. Does your waterproof sand mix provide chloride ion protection for bridge decks and parking structures? I will contact you by telephone on Monday USA time Tuesday your time.

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