Sand Permeable Brick


Ecological, Permeable, Non-slip, Anti-clogging Sand Permeable Brick

500*250*80 ㎡

Features of Sand Permeable Bricks for Driveway:

(1) with the appearance of stone and texture, but also has a water filtration function.

(2) the use of “broken water interface tension” new principle of permeability, the surface is very dense, not easily blocked by dust

(3) connected to the ground, rain is not wet shoes, snow does not freeze.

(4) renewable recycling.

Advantages: beautiful appearance on the grade, permeable water, anti-blocking.

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Pervious Stone Picture:

Sand Permeable Brick Sand Permeable Brick

silica sand filter brick for sidewalks

Application: silica sand filter brick for sidewalks, squares, corridors and other non-motorized road pavement pavement; silica sand filter stone, silica sand filter rock for slow lane, parking and other pavement.

Permeable Stone Specifications:

Permeable Stone Specifications

In the case of performance:

Permeable Stone Specifications

In the case of frost resistance and salt resistance:

Permeable Stone Specifications

In the case other performance indicators:

Permeable Stone Specifications

In the case of alignment of the bricks:

Permeable Stone Specifications

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