Silicone Sandstone Tree Girdle


Tree Girdling – Silicone Sandstone Tree Girdle

Features: All-round breathable, you can lock the water, increase water utilization

Silicone Sandstone Tree Girdle

Ren Chung Tree Pit Water Cover Advantages:

1: The appearance of fine, shape, color can be customized according to customer requirements.

2: All-round breathable, although the hole in the tree cover is to cover the tree pit, but still full of breathable, because the use of Ren’s breathable water-saving technology.

3: With water retention, can effectively reduce the number of watering. Saving water resources using water saving sand.

Ren Chong Breathable Water Technology Description:

Ren Chong can do so that the water is kept in the tree pit, and the air can flow freely. This technology is unique in the world.

Breathable water cover price: Please contact the website customer service

Breathable water cover Product Image:

Tree Root Girdling, Tree Girdling

Silicone Sandstone Tree Girdle, Tree Root Girdling Silicone Sandstone Tree Girdle

Silicone Sandstone Tree Girdle - Tree Girdling Silicone Sandstone Tree Girdle - Tree Root Girdling


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