Oil Production FSS Sand


Ren Chung Fu Sheng sand type Ⅰ professional introduction:

Brief Introduction of Renchuang Technology Group

Beijing Renchuang Technology Group Co., Ltd. is Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, a set of science and technology in one of the high-tech enterprises, the first batch of innovative enterprises, “silica sand resources use of national key laboratories,” “Beijing Engineering Laboratory” Units, national independent innovation demonstration area “ten hundred thousand project” focus on cultivating enterprises, and set up a postdoctoral workstation.

Relying on the use of silica sand resources, the State Key Laboratory, Beijing Engineering Technology Center, Ren Chong independent innovation platform, the original invented the four core technology; developed three series of products; built three production bases. Planning production capacity of millions of tons per year. A large number of products sold to Sinopec, PetroChina and other major domestic oil fields, and exported to overseas countries.

Name: Ren Chong Fu Sheng sand type Ⅰ 

Advantages: high strength, low density, low friction, Naisuan Jian, long-term conductivity and other advantages.

Choose the reasons for the creation of a flourishing sand:

Oil Production FSS Sand Oil Production FSS Sand

Case One

In 2010, Jilin Changping D-2 wells of Jilin Oilfield were selected to produce 105MPa high-strength low-density dense sand sand produced by Renchuang Science and Technology. The effect was outstanding, and many of the first domestic ones were created: the maximum number of deep gas wells fracturing series (10) The total fracturing scale is the largest (838 square) single-stage fracturing scale (116 square). My company’s products have won the majority of customers unanimously approved.

Ren Chong Fu Sheng sand type Ⅰ long-term conductivity is excellent

Case Two

Fusheng sand effectively reduces the wear of the proppant to the equipment such as the column, the blasting device and the elbow, improves the scale of downhole transformation, reduces the operating cost, shortens the construction period, reduces the risk of engineering accidents and improves the overall scale of the horizontal well.

Daqing X-230 wells plus ceramic sandblasting mouth wear (45m3)

Daqing X-231 Blessed Sand Blasting Wear (145m3)



Name: Ren Chong Fu Sheng sand type II 

Features: underground consolidation, sand control, anti-spit, tail fractures

The product has a downhole consolidation function for sand control, anti-spit and tail fracturing. Can be 25-150 ℃ under the formation of consolidation, strength ≥ 10MPa, temperature ≥ 300 ℃, and after consolidation to ensure a larger porosity.

FSS-II-NS (acid resistant)

Karamay, Tuha, Jilin, Qinghai and other oilfield fracturing tail tracing application, the construction success rate of 100%.

FSS-II-NJ (alkali resistant)

The product is commissioned by the Daqing Oilfield and can be consolidated in a strong alkaline environment, which is the first in the world. It has successfully solved the sand control problem of the Sanyuan compound flooding wells and the wells in Daqing Oilfield.

Typical case: Tuha red Taiwan 101 wells

Oil Production FSS Sand

Oil Production FSS Sand


Name: Fu Sheng sand type III

Features: oil and water blocking

Advantages: selective penetration, pressure under the circumstances through the oil control

Oil-permeable and water-resistant proppant as the name suggests is the same time, the passage of water through the obstruction. Using the interface modification technology to give proppant functionality, so that it has the function of oil and water selective through.

The general effect of Fusheng Sand Type III Daqing Oilfield for 5 years

Oil Production FSS Sand

Since 2008, FSS-III has carried out field test 68 wells, water control efficiency of 95%, the average daily increase of 3.8t, 9.3% of water content, the average valid period of 9.8 months, the average single well within the validity of the cumulative increase in oil 1117t, total accumulated fuel 75970t.


Name: Fu Sheng sand type IV

Features: breathable water

Advantages: effective water control at the same time, to maintain a high capacity of the air

Breathable and water-resistant proppant with breathable water blocking characteristics, the use of interface modification technology to increase the water surface tension principle, enhance gas wetting, to achieve breathable water.

Case One

In the Sulige region, three wells (Sue 371, Sue 373, Sue 43) were tested in the Sulige area. The average wellhead production of the test gas was 2.21 × 104 m3 / d and the Nissan water was 8.2 m3 / d, which significantly reached the control of water production and increased gas production Effect, to create a good economic benefits.Oil Production FSS Sand


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