Sponge City Construction Program

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Sponge City Construction Program

Outline of the Sponge City Construction Program

First, the sponge city construction background
Second, the sponge city construction difficulties analysis
Third, the system solution innovation
Fourth, landing solutions
Five, classic case
Six, construction operation mode
Seven, Ren Chong Technology Group Profile
International Cooperation and Exchange

First, The Sponge City Construction Background:

1, water waterlogging – frequent
2, water resources – shortage
3, water environment – pollution
4, water ecology – destruction

City faces problems:

Sponge City Construction

◆ sponge city concept proposed

Ren Chong on the sponge city construction

◆ Ren Chong on the sponge city to understand:

From the central urbanization conference for the sponge city interpretation, the focus mentioned three “natural”. Ren Chong will be the three “natural” sublimation for the four words “Daofa natural”, “Daofa natural” building sponge city, which includes: awe of nature, respect for nature, follow the example of natural, symbiotic with nature.

Second, the comprehensive analysis of sponge city construction:

Why construction sponge city?

1, the city is developing too fast, hardened area is too large
2, the traditional pipeline drainage is not suited to urban development
3, the city size over water resources carrying capacity
4, rain and sewage mixed runoff and rainwater runoff source pollution
5, due to lack of water and excessive exploitation of groundwater
6, the original river system was destroyed
7, water resources are not effectively managed systematically

◆ sponge city construction four difficulties:

1, the traditional concept of cognitive lag
2, blind from the West lack of self-confidence
3, bar management decrees vary
4, the construction mechanism to be innovative

◆ sponge city three common problems:

1, water and water at the same time how to prevent clogging?
2, how to prevent leakage at the same time?
3, how to clean rain water preservation?

Problem-oriented, outcome-oriented
Ren Chong proposed a system solution

sponge city construction

sponge city construction

sponge city construction

Eco Friendly Construction Materials

Breathable Pots, Breathable Flower Pots

Sponge City Construction | Rechsand

Sponge City Construction | Rechsand

Sponge City Construction | Rechsand

Sponge City Construction | Rechsand

Planting Trees in the Desert, Green Desert Plants

Planting Trees in the Desert, Green Desert Plants

Planting Trees in the Desert, Green Desert Plants

Rainwater Harvesting System


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