Ecological Building Materials

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Ecological Building Materials

Cross section of the fire proof, water proof, sound proof, breathable and super light wall siding with reinforced steel structure:


Description: RechSand flexible stone hanging plate – permeable bricks, easy installation, a great value product.

Eco Friendly Construction Materials

Properties: the use of sand in creating a “breathable and waterproof” Eco building materials. Comparing to clay, ceramic for decoration, the material is flexible, anti-slip, provides insulation, fire proofing, decorative and also sound proofing. Permeable bricks are great to be used in kitchen and bathroom because of its anti-slip character.



It is used at a library on its external wall as shown above.

Rechsand flexible stone composite insulation board built from the silica sand using adhesive and curing mold. It is flexible, light, weather-able, safe and a green product. It’s leading a new generation of interior and exterior decorative insulation materials.

The silica sand soft stone can withstand deformity but flexibility, with only about a quarter of the weight of the ceramic tiles which is easier to fall out of the attached walls. So, it can be widely used in commercial and civil buildings to provide better decoration and insulation. It is not only of great advantage but also renewable, Eco friendly construction materials. The material is strong, durability, colorful and rich in texture, less energy consumption during manufacturing, healthy and better for the environment. Easy to apply during construction, it is a great new alternative for the construction industry.


Fire-proof testing of the product:

Watch the video on top of the page starting at 5:18 of the footage and don’t forget to turn on the subtitle.