RechSand is an innovative enterprise specializes in products made of desert aeolian sand. Based on the size and shape of the silica grain, we apply patented methodologies to change the surface characters of the sand into traits that are designed for different products. With over 20 years of experiences, our products are not only unique but successful in multiple industries. We developed several websites just to serve different groups of clients better. Please click NAVIAGE menu to learn the differences.

WaterSavingSand.com aka LinerSand.com: water saving sand can be used as pond liner to hold 120 feet of water pressure. Therefore, alias liner sand.

antiSlip.io aka FilterBrick.com: our filter brick not only filters murky water, but also anti-slip itself, combining with our unique anti-slip indoor flooring tiles, our solution is covers both indoors and outdoors, thus antiSlip.io.

fySand.com aka CoatedSand.com: fySand stands for foundry sand, it’s a flavor of resin coated silica sand used by over 90% of the high-end automobile engine casting industry in China, the annual shipment is over 200 thousand tons.

Spongy.city aka WaterScar.city: sponge city concept in China is originated from Low Impact Development (LID) to alleviate city flooding by utilizing filter bricks, water saving sand and RechSand engineering, the design is also helpful in water scarcity cases.

bPot.us aka BreathablePot.com: RechSand breathable pot is made of materials similar to our water saving sand to hold water, provide breathability and eliminates the hold in the bottom of conventional pots.

OilGasSand.com: our oil gas sand for fracking industries are very competitive in both prices and qualities, we provide several types to better service different operating environments of the mines.

sand.forSale: provides an integrated eCommerce for all of our products and better service clients of different industries. Make sure visit our new Affiliated Businesses and Affiliate Program on this site.

We appreciate your comments and we’d like to work with you no matter where you are!